Why your Home Thermostat deserves to be Smart?

Smart Thermostat 2020

Smart thermostat systems allow users to control the temperature of your home using a pre-set schedule. Its heating and cooling settings can be controlled from Internet connected devices, such as smartphones, computers and tablets making it easy to switch off the heating or air conditioning units when the house is unoccupied.

Smart thermostats can save more energy than Wi-Fi thermostats because of their built-in occupancy or proximity sensing technology feature.

Thinking about getting a new thermostat for your home now that you have got all this time on your home to do some DIY stuff at home due to the COVID19 (Coronavirus) outbreak?

Well, there has never been a better time to upgrade your smart thermostat system. Find out below why your home thermostat system deserves to be smart.

Smart Thermostat 2020

Some benefits of smart thermostat systems are enlisted below:


One of the biggest benefits of using smart thermostats is that they can provide unprecedented levels of control over one’s heating and cooling systems. Why do you need more control over your thermostat system you nay ask?

Well, quite simply with an average home’s HVAC system representing the largest energy consumption category in a typical household, every bit of control a user has the potential to provide significant cost savings.

Wifi Thermostat 2020

This would then easily translate to savings amounting to thousands of dollars in a matter of a few years. This on the other hand translates into additional money in your pocket, especially in times like this when job security is critical. The NEST Smart Thermostat system is the Number one choice for most homes in the US & Canada to go smart – thanks to its super intuitive design and more importantly significant energy savings offered.

Smart Thermostat Review

Ease of Use

The ease of use of smart thermostats is another big advantage over standard or conventional programmable thermostats. These traditional thermostats often require greater attention to manuals and instructions, and are often difficult to set up properly.

With clear and well-designed user interfaces, smart thermostats engage customers more easily. Colourful user interfaces provides users with a simple and effective control over your home’s HVAC systems.

WIfi Thermostat 2020

Have an antiquated thermostat at home that’s a pain to use and understand? Well with smart thermostats, you could literally have total control over your home thermostat system with your mobile phone.

Energy Saving offered by Smart Thermostats

This obviously goes without saying – a smart thermostat system will optimise and lead to energy savings almost instantly! It easily solves the dreaded problem of a user forgetting to switch off their home’s heating or cooling when they leave the home.

A smart thermostat’s occupancy and/or proximity sensors can “detect” if an occupant has left home for an extended period of time – and automatically turns off heating or cooling system as required. Wireless apps or dashboards give the user remote control capabilities to save even more energy when they’re not at home or asleep.

Smart Thermostat 2020

Some smart thermostats such as the popular NEST Learning Thermostats have occupancy sensing functionality. This uses built-in motion detection to enable the thermostat to determine when a user is regularly home, allowing the thermostat to learn and adjust to their schedule.

This means that over time your NEST Smart Thermostat will know that you usually get home by 6pm except for Wednesday when you get home at 8pm because of your gym visit. Your NEST Smart Thermostat would then always ensure that your home’s temperature is just right and cosy for you when you get back – no matter if its 23 degrees Fahrenheit or 86 degreees Fahrenheit outside.

Smart Thermostat Review 2020

Ease of installation of Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are also incredibly easy to install. In general, you just need to cut the power of your clunky old thermostat, remove the old thermostat, connect the wires to your new thermostat, install the new thermostat faceplate, restore power, and follow programming instructions as prompted and as described in your manufacturer’s instructions. 

Smart Thermostat 2020
Ease of Installation of Smart Thermostat Systems makes it a breeze to have it up & running

Installation is even more striaght-forward if you already have a C-wire installed in your home. If you prefer having some assistance installating your smart thermostats though, look no further than purchasing the NEST Smart Thermostat online on Amazon and booking the installation together with your purchase for a hassle free experience in getting your home hooked up with a smart thermostat system.

Rebates | Smart Thermostat Benefits

Most energy and utility companies offer rebates in terms of a discount or a cash back on your bill when you install a smart thermostat system.

Do check with your state’s energy company on the kind of rebates that you may qualify for. For example in Detroit, Michigan – DTE Energy offers a $50 rebate that you can redeem for your smart thermostat purchase by simply mailing in a rebate form.

So if your utility company actually pays you to upgrade to a smart thermostat system – why wouldn’t you?

Smart Thermostat Review 2020 2020
Why your Home Thermostat deserves to be Smart?
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Why your Home Thermostat deserves to be Smart?
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