Smart Thermostat Savings | How much can you truly save?

Smart Thermostat Savings

A smart thermostat is a very unique device that adds the features of a thermostat with the features of a smart device. Smart devices are those devices that have IoT (Internet of Things) technology integrated into them. This means that these devices come with Bluetooth, LTE/3G, Wi-Fi or NFC support, or all of them and what’s cooler is that they are able to ‘talk’ or ‘communicate’ with other systems or devices. In the case of smart thermostat – they are able to communicate with your home’s boiler, heating or air-conditioner systems to help regulate temperatures even better. We help explain some of the Smart Thermostat savings you’d immediately enjoy by making the switch today below.

If you are looking to purchase a thermostat, but can’t find any reason to buy a smart variant over the generic variant, which is much more expensive, do not fret. We are here to help you find out how much you can save by choosing a smart thermostat system, over a normal or conventional thermostat:

Automation saves money | Smart Thermostat Savings

You hear this all tthe time! But how exactly does automation save you money, when it comes to a thermostat? A smart thermostat is able to communicate with other devices in your home, like the air conditioner, the dehumidifier/humidifier, boiler, and so much more, to automatically carry out certain task or function once a preset condition is met.

This allows for a smart thermostat to save you a lot of manual labour in the long run, and even improve the quality of life drastically. What this means is that you don’t have to get up from the couch whilst catching up on your favourite Netflic show when it becomes too hot or too cold, or get up from your sleep when you wife nags you that it’s too cold and to go adjust the temperate at 3am in the morning.

You get our picture – it’s just a heck of a lot more convenient when you have a smart thermostat to ensure that your home’s temperature is maintained at an optimum level all the time!

# Longer appliance life span | Smart Thermostat Savings

Smart Thermostat Savings
Smart Thermostat Savings from longer lasting home appliances

Automation would also help you save a lot of money in the long run, over the usage of a normal thermostat. This is because when you would otherwise have to manually change the temperatures of the room, which results in a shorter life-span of such systems as boilers or air-conditioners. Think of it this way, the wear and tear of your boiler and heater systems would be minimized if it had to work on an optimal manner compared to working at maximum levels to help regulate temperatures.

When you make manual changes that are abrupt, your boiler or air-conditioner literally gets a heart-attack and spins up to its maximum desgined levels to get the temperature back to the new level you have set it to.

With smart thermostat systems though – they help to regulate this process so that your boilers or air-conditioners work at an optimum level – providing major savings on the cost of replacing them over a period of time by ensuring that these systems have a longer life-span and serve your home much longer.

Smart Thermostat Review

# Cost | Smart Thermostat Savings

There is a popular belief that smart thermostats are very expensive, because – well – they are new and come with the “latest technology”. That is certainly not true. Smart thermostats usually cost a little more than normal thermostats, but you can easily find thermostats in the range of USD 100 to USD 200 here.

This is because they are becoming a lot more popular and the overall manufacturing cost of making a smart thermostat has reduced dramatically over the years. Smart thermostats also help you see the energy and cash savings in a matter of months.

# Energy & Heating Bills | Smart Thermostat Savings

Smart Thermostat Savings
Smart Thermostat Savings from reducing your Energy Bills

The most significant savings you’d incur from switching to a smart thermostat system is the fact that you can literally save hundreds if not thousands of dollars off your energy and heating bills annually.

Nest Labs (one of the most popular manufactures of smart thermostats) did a recent study and released a white paper on their findings. It’s an interesting read, and the short version of it is that they found a 10-12% savings on heating and 15% savings on cooling, or in numbers roughly about $131-145 in savings a year.

Check out these following two links from Ecobee and Honeywell that talk more about saving on your utilities every single month :

Smart Thermostat Review

# Utility company Rebates | Smart Thermostat Savings

Smart Thermostat Savings
Smart Thermostat Savings with Rebates from your Utility company

A number of utility companies in the US provide a rebate fro switching over to a smart thermostat system. This can range from USD 50 to USD 200 at times – more than often offsetting the cost of purchasing a smart thermostat system.

Do check if your utility service provider in your state, offers this rebate to more than offset the cost of getting one.

# Accurate Readings | Smart Thermostat Savings

Smart thermostats come with LCD displays, and are able to provide accurate readings. Most normal or conventional thermostats are usually less accurate compared to a digital smart thermostat.

With the greater accuracy that comes from using smart thermostats, you are able to control the temperature of the homes and it’s rooms more accurately, saving more on gas/electricity bills with every month.

# Remotely control home temperature | Smart Thermostat savings

Smart Thermostat Savings
Smart Thermostats allows you to remotely control your home temperature

Most smart thermostats also come with a desktop/Android/iOS application to view & update the thermostat remotely. You can usually control the device through this companion application, to allow for easy access anywhere in the world.

This means that in the midst of winter when you’re heading home from work, you can set your home’s temperature before you enter through the main door to a much more comfortable and ‘toasty’ setting when you walk right in. You can also help set humidity levels in your home and others. This helps to create a much more comfortable environment for your home when you need it – in the midst of that freezing winter or scorching summer’s heat for instance.

Smart Thermostat Review

# Reduce carbon emission | Smart Thermostat savings

Smart Thermostat Savings on Carbon Emission

Though this fact may not help you save money in any way, reducing the amount of carbon emission is something that everyone should think about.

We should all do our part in reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Smart thermostats ultimately lead to a huge reduction in carbon emissions because you are technically optimising your exisiting hoem appliances – boilers, air-conditioners and reducing the amount of fossil gas consumed through lower energy and gas bills expended on a daily basis.

Conclusion | Smart Thermostat Savings

With the above you could easily make a comparison and see that you get almost INSTANTANEOUS savings by making a switch to a smart themostat system for your home. Making the change to a smart thermostat for your home saves you money off your energy and heating bills, saves the environment and makes your home appliance last longer.

Make the smarter choice today and switch to a Smart Thermostat System for your home starting for less than USD 100 today!

Smart Thermostat Review
Smart Thermostat Savings | How much can you really Save?
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Smart Thermostat Savings | How much can you really Save?
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