Ecobee3 Lite 2nd Generation Review

Ecobee3 Lite 2nd Generation Review – If you want to purchase budget smart Wi-Fi thermostat, we recommend you to choose Ecobee3 lite thermostat. It uses intuitive technology that will both save your bills and keep your home comfortable. The best thing about it is the budget-friendly price tag so that you will get only basic features.Ecobee3 Lite 2nd Generation

You won’t get features such as remote sensor and voice control, but in any other aspect, it will help you enjoy. Its unique user service in combination with simplicity in design and programming makes it the reason why we decided to present your thorough review of ecobee3 lite 2.0:


  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Simple to install
  • Compatible with other room sensors
  • Four heating and two cooling stages
  • Free Cooling function for additional circulation of air during the summer

Smart Thermostat Review

Design and Interface

Ecobee3 lite thermostat has a minimalistic design that most people find attractive. It has a square body, which is the simplest way to create a great and transparent thermostat.

You will get the device that contains touchscreen interface that is entirely same as the mobile app from Ecobee. That way you will be able to switch from changing settings on phone and device without learning how the new interface works.

ecobee3As soon as you install it, you will be able to turn it off. Through making settings, you will get many questions so that you can quickly determine how to create the perfect environment.

This particular smart thermostat works with Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, Wink and ZigBee technology. You can also connect it to other Wireless thermostats and smart home systems such as Nest Thermostat.


If you want to install it, you just have to follow the guide and user manual that you will get the package. First, you have to disconnect wires from the furnace so that you can hook up Power Extender Kit.

The other solution is to have a C wire HVAC system. The level is built-in, and that will speed up the installation process. You don’t have to call professionals to finish the installation. Just read the user manual, and you will be able to do it in an hour.

Smart Thermostat Review


It performs on four heating stages, which is unique because most smart thermostats have only three programs available. On the other hand, it supports two-stage cooling systems. You will experience some temperature swings within one degree of target temperature, but it is still great thermostat to have.

It contains a feature called Free Cooling that uses ventilator system to clean and circulate outside air throughout your entire home. This is an excellent solution during the hot summer nights when outside air is more refreshing than inside. You should have in mind that it contains fan dissipation as the main components that help it circulate air.

It works even if you turn off the heating and cooling equipment. That way you will be able to take advantage of its feature without turning on the air-conditioning that will use much more power.

Ecobee3 lite thermostat

When it comes to energy management, you will get high thermostat because it contains the auto-scheduling feature. You will know it as DataRhythm Technology that will learn how to analyze your patterns and heating schedules to create its plan.

You don’t have to worry because it can evaluate outside humidity and weather conditions and use that knowledge to save the energy while keeping you comfortable inside.

It supports geofencing feature so that you can control the house temperature based on phone’s location. It automatically changes the temperature when you come into the assigned area. However, you won’t get the motion sensors with it, which is one of the downsides.

On the other hand, it contains the possibility to add an optional remote sensor, which is an utterly unique feature. That way the remote sensor can communicate with the thermostat through a wireless connection. It can quickly detect motion and temperature in that area so that you can get the precise information when you are away.

  • Great touchscreen interface
  • Geofencing feature
  • It contains auto-scheduling function
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for energy management
  • It doesn’t have remote sensor

Final Words


In overall, Ecobee3 lite 2.0 is the affordable and great alternative to high-end smart thermostats. It has an excellent user interface and possibility to connect with other remote sensors. However, you won’t get all range of features as different, more expensive models.

It is simple to use, and you will get a great app for remote controlling. Finally, you will be able to maintain the comfort and reduce the energy bills. It is simple as that.

If you have anything to add or ask based on topic, we urge you to comment in the section below. Of course, we will answer in the short notice.

Smart Thermostat Review

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